Love one another. John 13:34

I once heard about a pastor who got up to preach, read his text, “Love one another,” and then sat down. In the seconds it took to perform this action, a thousand thoughts went through his mind—things like, nobody pays a bit of attention to the sermons, nobody cares, nobody does the sermons, what’s the use. He was ready to quit. He got up again and repeated his text. And he sat down again. This happened three times.

After intense minutes of watching a church full of now-uncomfortable people, he noticed one person leaning over to talk to his seat mate. And then someone got up to speak to someone across the room. People began weeping as reconciliation, forgiveness, and love broke out. The people began to do the Word.

What are we doing about love? Have we given up criticism, judgmentalism, fault-finding, antagonism, and so many unloving behaviors? There really is no excuse for not loving in word and in deed when God gave everything to love us to himself. Let us begin to love one another.

Father, we don’t always behave as your loving children. We are sorry, and we ask your forgiveness. Fill us anew with your love, and love through us. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


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